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With over a decade of experience in International Development work, an award-winning Documentary, an appearance on the Oprah Show, and a Huffington Post article naming us, "One of the 5 Social Entrepreneurs Who Could Change the World," we are uniquely positioned to be the mouthpiece for world changers around the globe, and a source of inspiration for millions. The FIND is that inspiration.


The FIND: Season 3



A young couple and their two children embark on a worldwide search for compelling stories, risk-taking individuals, and life-changing projects. In Season Three of The FIND, The Hansows travel to Detroit to spend time with amazing individuals who are reshaping the face of their city. Coming Fall 2017

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The FIND: Season 2



The Hansow family arrives in Nicaragua and meets Brad Corrigan, member of the band Dispatch and founder of the organization Love, Light & Melody. The Hansows spend time in trash dumps playing with kids, learning to play lacrosse, and surf...  proving that hope and joy can be found in the least likely of places.  

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The FIND: Season One



The Hansow family embarks on the 36-hour journey to meet the Murray family in Northern India. Introductions are made and the beauty and complexities of India are discovered. From being invited to a leprosy colony, a wedding ceremony, and more... India did not disappoint.

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