Why We exist...

We exist to illuminate the stories where an individual's passion connects with the needs of humanity. 


We asked ourselves, "What if there was a Media Company that created entertaining, risk inducing, life-changing, and reflective content that caused the viewer to as themselves, "What does that mean for me?"


With over a decade of experience in International Development work, an award-winning Documentary, an appearance on the Oprah Show, and a Huffington Post article that naming us, "One of the 5 Social Entrepreneurs Who Could Change the World," we are uniquely positioned to be the mouthpiece for world changers around the globe, and a source of inspiration for millions.


We believe that every person is created with unique passions and talents, and yet sadly most people don't live as if that's true.


When people live in the beautiful tension where their passion meets a need in humanity, the friction created by the collision creates a spark. A spark that will grow and illuminate a neighborhood, a community, and a world. The world needs people who are alive.


We promise to tell the stories that deserve an audience and remind you that your passions matter.


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