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There is beauty in Risk.


documentary | Bonus Video | 93 minutes

An American couple with average lives have their hearts stirred when they learn of the war plaguing Uganda, and decide to move with the intent of adopting and starting a non-profit. The people they encounter will alter the course of their lives forever.

MOVING ON steps into the lives of three incredible Ugandans- Betty, Charles, and Joyce. Although their stories begin with heartbreak, and loss- all have stories of hope.

This is NOT a story about war, injustice, poverty or despair. It is NOT a story of Westerners "saving" Africa. What Moving On beautifully uncovers is that a relationship with Africa is not one sided- the West will not rescue Africa. Their rescues are tied up in one another.


Videos in this Series


Moving On

Feature Film (84 Min)

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Behind the scenes

Bloopers Bonus Video (9 min)