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The Kindling \\ Explained

+ Why Should I join The Kindling?

To become a member of The Kindling is to become a part of the core support of LGHtv's mission. A member of The Kindling understands that LGHtv's health and ability to enact change is only as strong as the health and stability of its employees. LGHtv has to create a strong core of committed investors that together will fuel the flame that will connect and inspire the world through media.

Often the most overlooked and underappreciated aspect of any organization is the people working day in and day out. LGHtv desires to foster an environment where their staff can be free to work on the most compelling and world-changing media without having to worry about finances. The Kindling is for those who understand that salaries are truly not part of an organization's 'overhead,' but rather are the fuel that allow the light and heat to spread!

+ How is LGHtv Funded?

LGHtv is the main operating project of LGH (Light Gives Heat), which is a registerd 501(c)3 Non-Profit. Funding for LGHtv comes from various sources, including:

  • The Kindling (AKA Monthly Donors)
  • One-Time Donations
  • Corporate Donations and Sponosrship
  • Gifts from Chartiable Foundations
  • Matching Grants
  • Kickstarter Campaigns
  • In-Kind Donations
  • Product Sales
  • Fundraising Events
  • Other Events

+ Why is LGH Talking about this Now?

For nearly 7 years Light Gives Heat (LGH) worked directly in Uganda, Africa with Artisans to create consistent incomes through the production of handmade accessories. These products were marketed and sold in the US, generating income to continue funding the weekly incomes and development programs (as well as operational costs). Sales from these products made up 75% of LGH's annual revenue. When LGH turned over its Ugandan operations to another company for further growth and developement, it lost its ability to generate a substantial portion of its revenue from product sales and has had to turn to raising funds through other avenues.

The Kindling is a solution. The vision behind LGHtv is one that is big and bold. The LGH Founders and Board of Directors truly believe LGHtv will one day be a place where millions of people are being inspired, encouraged, and connected through media. With big dreams and aspirations, the staff of LGHtv are needing to place 100% of their attention towards telling the stories that will spark connection and inspire action (not worrying about if they will receive their next paycheck, or where the funds will come from).

+ Can I still donate to The Kindling if I don't want to give monthly?

The only way to be considered a member of The Kindling right now is by either committing to a monthly recurring donation, or by making a one-time gift larger than $500. Building a foundation like The Kindling is an ongoing process and LGHtv is looking for supporters who can align with its long-term vision for keeping the operations stoked so the mission/vision can blaze.

+ How do you raise funds for LGHtv content like The FIND?

Currently, LGHtv's plan is to raise funds for programming and content through the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter twice a year. Kickstarter makes it easy to define the mission, set a financial goal, and invite the public to pledge and become a financial Backer of LGHtv's vision for future series of The FIND and/or other series the staff feels will fit LGHtv's criteria. Additionaly, LGHtv is also exploring additional funding sources through Corporate sponsorship, branded marketing, distribution rights, and other philantrhorpic giving.

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