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family moves to india, starts multiple companies, and finds joy in the process


6 Episodes |  3 Bonus Videos | 115 minutes

Experience India like you’ve never seen before. The Hansow family visit a leprosy colony, a guitar factory, the kids visit a school at the base of the Himalayas, visit the incredible operations of JOYN, and even attending a wedding. Joyn the Hansow family in this award-winning series as they embark on an incredible journey of hope, innovation, and excitement.


Episodes in this Series


It Feels Surreal

Episode One

The FIND: Nicaragua Episode Four

It's a Joyride

Episode Four

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Extended INterview

Bonus Video

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if you don't laugh, you'll cry

Episode Two


the best men I know

Episode Five

Behind the lens

Bonus Video


a Lot More Dance PArties

Episode Three


Lucky More Than Me

Episode Six

Outtakes Reel

Bonus Video