Recently my family was in Detroit sitting around the dining room table of a woman who has given her life to loving and serving her neighborhood. She's opened her home to families who aren't sure where their next meal is going to come from and created a safe place for women to find refuge who've found themselves without a place to sleep. She's incredible, and she was one in a long line of others we'd met that week who are literally the superheroes of Detroit.

So why had I only heard how horrible Detroit was?  Why was I told to be scared and fearful?

The media had literally shaped my mindset. It told me to be scared, to fear different, and quite frankly, it created a narrative that told the world, 'Detroit was hopeless.' Media is more powerful than we dare to believe and it shapes our understanding (or misunderstandings) of people, cultures, and places because it's almost solely focused on the worst in order to get ratings/viewers. 

Morgan and I believe, with everything in our bones, that the world is aching for GOOD news. And for this reason, we believe the time has come to give this passion project of ours a real run. It's time to give LGHtv and the creation of world-changing media the full-time attention it deserves.  Will you join us?

Dave Hansow | LGHtv CoFounder

Dave Hansow | LGHtv CoFounder



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Picture taken during the filming of The FIND: DETROIT




With your help, here are a few of
the goals we've set to accomplish
in 2017.

  1. Two New Seasons of The FIND

  2. New Weekly Podcasts

  3. Group & Classroom Lesson Plans

  4. Seasons of The FIND on DVD

  5. Semiannual Publication from LGHtv

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The FIND | Two New Seasons

Through supporters like you, we've created an award-winning social travel show that has brought connection and inspiration to tens of thousands of viewers. The FIND is being shown in classrooms, homes, & TV Networks around the world. In 2017 we aim to release two brand new seasons. 

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The FIND | LGHtv Podcast

Your support will ensure the LGHtv weekly podcast continues, reaching thousands of people around the world with inspiring interviews, thought-provoking conversations, and guides on how to choose hope and risk.


THE FIND | Group Lesson Plans

Through supporters like you, we're working on creating lesson plans for Elementary, Middle School, and Church Groups based on award-winning social travel, The FIND.  By giving teachers the tools necessary to watch an episode of The FIND and then create discussion - we will inspire the next generation of World-Changers!

THE FIND | All 3 seasons on DVD 

Although The FIND can be streamed online, we've heard you loud and clear! In 2017, we want to make sure The FIND is as easily accessible as possible by putting them on DVD's / Blu-Rays. Your support of LGHtv will allow us to do just that.  



Your partnership will help publish in-depth stories from each location we film The FIND. Through in-depth narratives, interviews, and collaborations, these publications will be a connector of humanity - highlighting the hope, innovation, and social change we're seeing around the globe.


First Glance

Behind the Scenes: The FIND: Detroit