Practicality Screams Loudly

Something I would imagine most of us struggle with is the loud voice inside of us, telling us to be practical. Now... don't get me wrong, there is a time and place for practicality. But I have come to realize that practicality is often themask for something much more dangerous. 


A good friend of mine constantly reminds me that we eventually become what we are enamored with. Or in other words, if practicality becomes the thing we hold most dear (worship) then often our dreams, our passions, the things that make us come alive are in direct opposition to practicality, and thus we never move forward in them. 

So may we be people who understand that although practicality screams loudly... the quiet voice that doesn't demand our attention is often the one that ultimately brings life and allows those dreams to come to fruition.

David HansowComment