How Envy Kills our Passions

Just so you know... 
Everyone You and I look up to, and think "Wow... they've got it together" or "dang... they have it made" - are no different than you and I.  Each one of us has this amazing privilege of living "Our Lives" and "Our Callings" out during this short thing we call life.  

Running LGH over the years my wife Morgan and I have had the amazing gift of meeting some of the people we've looked up to (and I would imagine many of you do as well!) for years (from Musicians, to Artists, Actors, to even Oprah) I've learned that although most of them are amazing individuals, they are no different than you and I - so I battle daily to make sure envy doesn't creep in and steal my passions and callings! May it remind you to do the same!

Let us be people who don't allow envy to creep in and destroy the beautiful, amazing gifts we all have today!

David HansowComment