Connect and Inspire

We live in a time and day where it's easier than ever to connect two groups of people. Or tell a story to a group of people who otherwise may never have heard it. Or even to inspire people around the world you may never meet face to face. 

So... we know this all to be true, and yet many of us spend our days wishing we could pursue that dream, or make an impact on the world.

Recently I was reminded how big of an impact we can have on people we've never met. Below is a letter we received during our Kickstarter Campaign. 

Let me assure you that I do not Watch TV and have not watched TV for over 5 Years. The content on TV is simply worthless. Your TV Show would be worth Watching.
Also your show is about searching the world for people that have dreams that will change the world, and i am reminded that when I was in High School your organization was a part of what I felt was a culture of change. You made me believe that our generation would be the ones to make it happen, and so did a lot of others. In fact so many of my friends had dreams and visions of changing the world,  that I started a Facebook group dedicated to sharing our visions.
Even now I am acting out of that culture of world change you helped to create. I am volunteering in Los Angeles helping an inventor to make a product that will let people water their plants with the wash water, and after this I will be Going on the World Race so i can see the problems I intend to solve with my life.
I ended my Job Last month, but I have supported you with $100 from my savings. I know it's not much but i hope it is multiplied and you are successful in your venture.

So our charge to you.... like always, is to remember that it's people like you and I who get this amazing opportunity to speak life into otherwise dead situations, or even to simply "show up"  where others aren't.  Stop wishing.  Start doing. 

David HansowComment