To inspire and connect humanity through story + film. 


Despite the current fear-based landscape of media, LGHtv actually believes people are craving media content that not only entertains but connects humanity at a heart level. LGHtv is on a mission to prove that love is winning! Through powerful storytelling and well-produced media, LGHtv is committed to telling the stories of global humanity in hopes of inspiring passionate living and heartfelt connection. By illuminating the stories where a person's passion intersects with a need in humanity, LGHtv believes people will be empowered to appreciate cultural differences, take humanitarian action, and ultimately change the world! 


Uganda Bound

February 2007

The Hansows began the adoption process from Uganda, Africa... and after one and a half years of waiting, they made the decision to move there. They sold all of their stuff, found people to rent out their home, packed 10 suitcases, a double stroller, and their 2-year-old son, Asher, and made the move.

So Much More Than Adoption

October 2007

The adoption was anything but easy... but it went through and the Hansows were elated. By this point in their story, they met a group of widows who had moved south, affected by war in Northern Uganda. They began offering jobs through creating a paper-beaded jewelry line called SUUBI(hope). In that first year, they were employing nearly 50 women on a weekly basis.

The Oprah Show


Over three years had passed, and the Hansow's Non-Profit Light Gives Heat (LGHtv) was employing over 120 Ugandans each week. They had begun production on a feature-length documentary called 'Moving On,' were featured on 'The Oprah Winfrey Show' as one of her "Heros," and were named in a Huffington Post article as "One of The Five Social Entrepreneurs Who Could Change the World." Seeing what a consistent weekly income did for hundreds of families was humbling and life changing.

The Find Series


Working in Uganda for 7 years wasn't an easy task, but the Hansows and their team were honored to continue working there when they received a phone call. A company called All Across Africa landed a contract with Costco stores around the US distributing the same types of products the women in Uganda were making, and so the Hansow family eventually handed over all their Ugandan operations to All Across Africa—which is still going strong today. It was at this time, the idea for The FIND DocuSeries was born.

3 Seasons IN...


The Hansows traveled to DC to pitch 'The FIND' to every TV Network available, only to hear that at the time, Networks thought the ideas was too earnest. So the Hansows went to Kickstarter! In just 4 years the show has filmed in India, Nicaragua, Detroit... and has been fully funded by well over $250k raised on Kickstarter by over 600 Backers. The series currently is playing online, and on TV Networks in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and the Middle East.


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In a time when bad news and fear are spreading like epidemics, a seasoned humanitarian family travels the world in search of hope; dispelling the myth that the world is falling apart.


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'Moving On' is a film we are incredibly proud of and are so stoked to share with you! Working in Uganda taught us about living with real tangible hope. And we believe it will teach you the same. We hope you enjoy the film and that it inspires you!


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