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These posts are for you, not us. May they encourage you to live outwardly as you pursue a life of passion and creativity. The world needs you. 


Podcast Interview w/ Dave & Morgan Hansow

Conscious Millionare Podcast

We're excited to be a guest on J V Crum III’s Conscious Millionaire Podcast today. It’s a top-rated podcast with coaching and strategies on how to make big differences as a conscious entrepreneur! As you may remember, JV was the writer of the Huffington Post Article that named us one of the 5 Social Entrepreneurs Who Could Change the World

Enjoy the Interview and like always thanks you for changing your part of the world! 



5 Ways to know if You're Living a Brave Life

This topic of bravery is something that has intrigued me.  What makes someone brave? What do the people impacting the world most have in common when it comes to bravery? The term is used often to  describe someone battling cancer, those who have moved overseas to fight for the plight of others, or even for the underdog who faces insurmountable odds in whatever circumstance they find themselves in. 

But what does bravery have to do with those of us who spend our days running kids around, getting to class on time, or simply paying our bills? Well.. I believe it has a lot to say to you and I... and how we operate day in and day out. So ask yourself the questions below to know whether or not your living a brave life, and if not, don't worry, there's no better time than the present to start choosing to be brave. 

Here are 5 ways to know if you're being brave in the everyday:

1)  Do you intentionally choose uncomfortableness?

This isn't brow beating.. or navel gazing, or whatever term you connect with. No, I'm simply suggesting that people (you and I included) tend to choose what easiest, not what's best.  Are you someone who is intentionally putting yourself in places that may be uncomfortable, but in the end have huge impacts on you, your family, or others?


2) In 5 years will you look back & thank yourself for the decisions you are making now?

A life worth "speaking of" is often not remarkable day in and day out... instead it's a ton of small choices like "not watching as much TV", or "giving sacrificially instead of when its easy", or even just waking up 30 minutes earlier each day to insure you are centered, grounded, and ready act upon our circumstances, not just react. Our circumstances will never be just right to start anything of worth.... so why not start today?


3) Have you failed at anything of consequence lately?  

This is may be the most important question you could ask yourself. It is so easy to live our lives in a small bubble. We are so easily deceived into thinking that just because we talk about risk, creativity and using our lives for more, that somehow it translates into actual bravery. The articles, blogs, and books we read can even be about these very things... but unless you've failed lately at something with consequence, I would doubt that bravery is at work at all. Try. Fail. Repeat.  This is the model I've seen work over and over. (believe me... I have a list much longer than I'd care to repeat of things I've tried and failed at.) 


4) Do you feel foolish? 

I know this seems backwards, because who wants to feel foolish? But once again, I will tell you from experience that most of the projects I'm most proud of have looked foolish at one point or another. Starting LGH, moving to Africa, filming a movie, multiple Kickstarter Campaigns, Pitching a TV Show... all have the tendency to make me feel stupid, small, and like "who the heck am I to try this?"  So... do you feel foolish? 


5) How Often do you say NO? 

This may be the secret behind people who truly make an impact on the world. 

"Learning to say NO."

Most of the people I encounter day to day have said yes to more than they can physically accomplish. From meeting with multiple groups on a weekly basis, to coaching sports, to volunteering at multiple organizations.( I also believe we do this with our money... but more on that at a later date) No matter how passionate you are about something, you will never give it a fighting chance in your life if you've said yes to everyone and everything in your life.  The most brave thing you do today, may be simply saying "no."  



Connect and Inspire

We live in a time and day where it's easier than ever to connect two groups of people. Or tell a story to a group of people who otherwise may never have heard it. Or even to inspire people around the world you may never meet face to face. 

So... we know this all to be true, and yet many of us spend our days wishing we could pursue that dream, or make an impact on the world.

Recently I was reminded how big of an impact we can have on people we've never met. Below is a letter we received during our Kickstarter Campaign. 

Let me assure you that I do not Watch TV and have not watched TV for over 5 Years. The content on TV is simply worthless. Your TV Show would be worth Watching.
Also your show is about searching the world for people that have dreams that will change the world, and i am reminded that when I was in High School your organization was a part of what I felt was a culture of change. You made me believe that our generation would be the ones to make it happen, and so did a lot of others. In fact so many of my friends had dreams and visions of changing the world,  that I started a Facebook group dedicated to sharing our visions.
Even now I am acting out of that culture of world change you helped to create. I am volunteering in Los Angeles helping an inventor to make a product that will let people water their plants with the wash water, and after this I will be Going on the World Race so i can see the problems I intend to solve with my life.
I ended my Job Last month, but I have supported you with $100 from my savings. I know it's not much but i hope it is multiplied and you are successful in your venture.

So our charge to you.... like always, is to remember that it's people like you and I who get this amazing opportunity to speak life into otherwise dead situations, or even to simply "show up"  where others aren't.  Stop wishing.  Start doing. 



No Turning Back

And So It Begins

The Story of how we were led to the first Season of The FIND could be an episode in itself... and maybe it will be! But for now, the Visa's have been sent in, the Film Crew is being assembled, & we're getting ready to travel in the next month. Watch the Video Below to learn a bit more! 



Practicality Screams Loudly

Something I would imagine most of us struggle with is the loud voice inside of us, telling us to be practical. Now... don't get me wrong, there is a time and place for practicality. But I have come to realize that practicality is often themask for something much more dangerous. 


A good friend of mine constantly reminds me that we eventually become what we are enamored with. Or in other words, if practicality becomes the thing we hold most dear (worship) then often our dreams, our passions, the things that make us come alive are in direct opposition to practicality, and thus we never move forward in them. 

So may we be people who understand that although practicality screams loudly... the quiet voice that doesn't demand our attention is often the one that ultimately brings life and allows those dreams to come to fruition.